About us

I am Moira Thomassen en I live together with my husband Mark, our 5 children and 6 dogs in a small village (Melick), near the town of Roermond.

We have, besides my biggest hobby our 5 Flatcoated Retrievers, still one other dog, a 10-year old Golden Retriever.

Since I was a baby, I was surrounded by dogs. In 1991 Mark and I started living together and very soon our first dog came into our house. At that time we really wanted a Flatcoat but we were too busy with our jobs and many other things so that was no option.

In March 2003 my dream came true, we got our first Flatcoat, Destiny Child from Olymphus Sparta. She fulfilled every expectation I had of the Flatcoated Retriever and because of her the love of this breed grew more and more.

We train the dogs and are going for long walks every day.

Our dogs are very well socialized and they live in harmony together with our children.